My dear young Friends!

We are called by Jesus Christ to gather on the shores of Polish Jordan, the place of the Baptism of Poland, for the fifth time. I would like to invite you to join us on the Lednica Fields on 4 June 2011 to thank for sanctity of John Paul II and to choose Christ together, like our ancestors did one thousand years ago. 

This year, we would like to pay homage to sanctity of John Paul II; therefore, our motto will be „Sanctity is what counts!”. Our  gathering will be on the 20th anniversary of world youth's confirmation which took place during the 6th World Youth Day in Częstochowa, when we were enraptured by the song „Abba Ojcze” . It is also the 14th anniversary of John Paul II's visit to Lednica Fields when he led us through the time boundaries to the third millenium.

The Meeting agenda will be based on the notions directed by John Paul II at the young people gathering on the Lednica Fields in 1997-2004. Hence, we want to recall the importance and meaning of baptism and confirmation, to rediscover the destination of our path, which is the House of our Father in heaven, and to choose Christ together. An important part of the meeting will be blessing of the engaged and the culmination of everything - test of love and the Eucharist.

Enriched by this experience, we rediscover the enthusiasm of faith and we look towards the future, guided by the Spirit of God. Come to the Fields of Lednica, so that, being grateful for the sanctity of John Paul II, we could offer each other the sing of peace, choose Christ together and strengthen ourselves in faith.


Jan W. Góra OP

university chaplain
organizer of the Meeting Lednica 2000
with youth