People of the Gospel carry the name of Christ to the corners of the earth Amen.

Lednica is a meeting with God, with other people...

For some this is an annual meeting, for some a weekly one and for others a daily one.


What is Lednica?

It is obviously an open space, a place where Catholics both young and old can meet.

Meetings during the year, in which we worship together through prayer, song and dance

are organised for particular age groups – children, young people and the young at heart.

We gather by Lake Lednica, the place of Poland’s baptism, in order to choose Christ and

therefore to live in Christ, to be with Him… and so become a new person. are the foundation of all our meetings.

Lednica, however, does not take place just once a year .It is a place where people associated with the Dominican Chaplaincy can develop their spirituality in their meetings with Father Jan Gora in Poznan or during week-end retreats every Saturday in Lednica where they pray, read the gospels, talk and work together. This is how Lednica is created.

Various retreats are organised throughout the year. Some are annual-such as the one that takes place every July for secondary school pupils and students known as the Rally of the Eagles and others are organised for individual schools and parishes.

In Lednica, we grow collectively towards a more conscious and fully-fledged Christianity, we learn to live according to Christian values which can be passed on to future generations.