The 23rd Youth’s Meeting LEDNICA 2000

The 23rd Youth’s Meeting LEDNICA 2000 titled ‚YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU’ will take place on 1st June. This year, at Pola Lednickie we are going to reflect upon two sacraments which have been given to us by our Merciful Father, which are the Reconciliation and Eucharist.

Father Jan W. Góra OP, the founder and the first shepherd of LEDNICA 2000, always repeated Saint John Paul II’s words: ‚A man is truly strong once he knows he is loved’. This thought, which we are going to convey to the People of this year’s LEDNICA 2000, the a summary of a speech given by the Saint Pope to archbishops gathered in front of Cracovian Palace in 1987. That time, the Holy Father addressed to the young the following words: ‚ You must be stronger than the conditions you live in’. He pointed to the Eucharist as the source of strength that was given to many generations, also in his prime, which was the time of the Second World War. Therefore, we will do our best to discover that thanks to the Reconciliation and Eucharist we get the strength to face everyday hardships.

The Polish Nationwide Youth Meeting LEDNICA 2000 (known under the name of Lednica) is one of the main annual meetings of Polish catholic youth organized in the neighbourhood of the city of Poznań, in Lednickie Pola (near the Lednica Lake, which is claimed to be a place, where our first monarch, Mieszko I was baptised in 966). It is the world’s biggest cyclic religious youth gathering (excluding meetings with the Pope). The meetings of Lednica were started in 1997 by a well-known Dominican, Father Jan Góra who died on 21st December 2015, aged 67. Now Lednica’s shepherds are Fathers: Wojciech Prus OP and Mateusz Kosior OP. The meetings are organized every year and always take place on first Saturday of June. These gatherings are very important demonstrations of catholic youth activity in Poland. Pope John Paul II every year sent a special message to the participants of Lednica meetings. This tradition was continued by his successor Benedict XVI. After his resignation, it is realised by Pope Francis.

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Mateusz FrasunkiewiczThe 23rd Youth’s Meeting LEDNICA 2000