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Also, unlike Gengar, it’s not weak to Psychic, which makes its performance much more reliable against the many legendaries of that typing. The Pokemon has got decent stats and an extensive array of resistances on board . With the mind-blowingly charged attack quality Meteor Mash on offer, Metagross also inflicts substantial damage. Meaning players get both a potent defender and a decent attacker when trading for it.

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Pokemon GO Evolving Stars Event Pokémon GO Hub.

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It uniquely can survive Kyogre’s Blizzard with HP to spare, which would’ve been great had Kyogre not just rotated out of legendary raids. These Pokemon aren’t going to be leading any battle parties, but they are serviceable second string attackers. Competitors are less of a concern when evolving Pokemon in this category because they are obviously outclassed. You either don’t have a better option or you’re using them out of personal preference. One major point against Honchkrow is that Flying simply doesn’t have good coverage against legendary Pokemon, who are often not Fighting, Grass, or Bug type. Poison has less type coverage than Grass, effective against only Fairy and non-Poison Grass-types, but this double role helps Roserade stand out.

Hex or Sucker Punch + Shadow Ball

So I’m continuing my march to complete the Pokedex, and you should too – and hopefully, this guide to using Unova Stones in Pokemon Go will help you. This is a desktop-based spoofing tool which can help you fake your location. It does not require jailbreaking and thus can easily spoof for Pokémon Go. The downside is that it requires Windows PC and that the premium version is expensive. There’s a chance that you’ll be able to get Unova Stones from PvP battles later down the line but for now, that’s not possible. Much like the Sinnoh Stone, you can get a Pokemon Go Unova Stone by completing seven days’ worth of field research.


Defenders are both really good at defending Pokemon gyms and being tanks that are sent out prior to your attackers in battle. In defender Pokemon, the Defense and Stamina statistics are of utmost importance. A large hit point pool is also beneficial to attackers who aim to stay on the field as long as possible. Depending on what you’ll be doing in Pokemon GO, you’ll need different Pokemon for different jobs. Raids, attacking gyms, defending gyms, and PvP all can be easily won with the right Pokemon.

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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. More Unova Pokémon will likely need this stone to evolve as they get released. Note that it’s not a high chance to drop, so it might be awhile before you get an Unova Stone.

Across the unova stone pokemon go tier list region, there are around twelve Rare Candies , some of them requiring backtracking and HMs to be obtained. They are used to reach the aforementioned levels for the Elite Four when using bigger teams. Every Pokémon was generally on par with the major Trainers’ levels, at most outleveling their ace by two levels.

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GO Battle Weekend: Steven Stone Pokémon GO Hub.

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PokemonTypeChandelureGhost/Fire It’s lonely at the top with Chandelure making up the entire tier. Whether you need a solid Ghost- or Fire-type Pokemon for your team, this spooky light fixture can fill either role. It doesn’t get the top spot for Ghost attackers, but it’s a capable alternative.

Best Defending Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Those are the tasks you get from spinning Pokestops; complete one each day until you’ve filled in all the stamps, then claim your reward and there’s a chance you might get an Unova Stone. Essentially, you need to cross your fingers and hope you’ve appeased the Pokemon Go RNGesus recently. Viability was determined up until Ghetsis; anything that is exclusive to post-game was not taken into account for the Pokémon’s viability. Most tests were done with five-member teams, although it is notably more optimal to run four or less, as they will gain more experience and easily outlevel opponents. With only 180 Attack, this one-eyed Ghost unfortunately doesn’t have much going for it. One would expect Dusknoir to be good at PvP given its defensive stat distrubtion, but its moves don’t do it justice.


In this article, we explain to you through every aspect and concept that pertains to Unova stone Pokémon go evolution. Reserved for Pokémon whose efficiency in terms of completing the game is considered to be high. Pokémon in this tier are able to OHKO or 2HKO a fair number of foes and may require a bit of item reliance to sweep opponents’ teams. These Pokémon are very useful, but either have several flaws holding them back or are encountered fairly late.

However, again, it needsweatherboost to compete with Meteor Mash Metagross or elite Fire-types in the relevant matchups. Grass is a useful attacking type, but there are many other good and available Grass attackers, meaning Roserade may not be worth your Sinnoh Stone just for this purpose. Without the help of weather boost, Grass attackers fall behind the best Water-types against Ground and Rock and behind the best Electric attackers against Water-type targets. For this reason, too, Electivire may be a better candidate.Grass-types still remain second class attackers in Pokemon Go overall. Those in need of an Electric-type attacker should feel great about using their Sinnoh Stones on Electabuzz. Electivire should remain best until Gen 5 brings a pair of Electric legendaries, and that’s not something to expect any time soon.

At Level 50, it has a Max CP of 3,089, an Attack of 217, a Defense of 152, and a Stamina of 198. There are certainly better Electric-type Pokemon out there that have another type to compliment them though. It proves decent in the Ultra League too, thanks to the variety of moves Eelektross possesses. However, there are better Pokemon with the Electric typing here too. As for the Master League, it will lose hands down to almost every single popular matchup around. At Level 50, it has a Max CP of 3,695, an Attack of 271, a Defense of 182, and a Stamina of 155.

With the introduction of Gen 5 Pokemon of the Unova region, Pokemon Go has finally reached the Black and White league. This league fosters one of the strongest Pokemon of the series and they most definitely are a perfect addition to your combat league. Gen 5 is finally available on Pokémon GO but some creatures require a special Unova stone to evolve.

All Pokemon That Evolve Using The Unova Stone In Pokemon Go

You can also battle three times a day with another player for a chance at rewards. With four shots per day, you’ll likely have an easier time getting Sinnoh Stones from PvP battles than you will Research Tasks. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. The augmented reality mobile video game Pokemon Go has been going strong since its release in 2016, and much content, as well as many items, have been added to the game. The Gen 9 Pokémon will, like previous generations such as Gen 7, be released into Pokémon Go in stages.

Now, they’re a bit easier to obtain and there’s a new hot item. Here’s everything you need to know about the Unova Stone in Pokemon GO. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice.

  • As a Fire-type, Chandelure currently sits right on par with Blast Burn Blaziken as a non-exclusive pokemon, with less survivability than Moltres but significantly more raw damage output.
  • If you evolve an Electabuzz today and Niantic surprises us with Heatran’s return as a raid boss a week later, you may wish you had a Rhyperior instead.
  • Reserved for Pokémon whose efficiency in terms of completing the game is considered to be average.
  • Regardless of my personal feelings on the matter, this is where it stands currently.

Chandelure is still going to be a great, more easily available pick, with its Ghost typing allowing for niche advantages. For example it resists or double resists all of Registeel’s moves, which will make it a very powerful anchor for whenever that living trash can will return. The team’s main intent is to invest its utmost best in facilitating fresh as well as veteran gamers with the most reliable ranking there could ever be. Snorlax offers decent stats paired with superb moves, out of which what’s most praiseworthy is its spammy charged attack and magical counter coverage!